Part Two

VI. Physical Facilities

Use of the meeting spaces in the City of Buda Municipal Complex, including library spaces, are governed by the City of Buda Facility Rental and Use Policy.
Facility Use Application and Policy

VII. Gifts Policy

Gift books and materials are evaluated using the same criteria used for selection of all other materials.
  • Books and other materials will be accepted on the condition that the librarian has the authority to make whatever disposition seems advisable.
  • Gifts of money, real property and/or stock will be accepted if conditions attached to them are acceptable to the Library Commission and to the City Council.
  • The library will not accept for deposit materials which are not out-right gifts.

VIII. Deselection of Materials

Materials that no longer fit the service roles of the library will be withdrawn from the collection. This may include materials that are damaged, contain obsolete information, or are no longer being used. Decisions will be based on accepted professional practice, such as those described in The CREW Method, and the professional judgment of the library director or designated staff. When necessary, local specialists will be consulted to determine the continued relevance and reliability of materials.

Items withdrawn from the collection will be disposed of in accordance with local law, which permits discarding into the trash, recycling of paper, or transfer to the Friends of the Library for sale.

IX. Children's Services & Policies

  • The library has four primary service goals for children:
    • Provide guidance and assistance to children seeking information and reading materials;
    • Provide instruction in the use of the library and basic library resources, computers and the Internet;
    • Stimulate interest in reading through programs, activities, story times, puppet shows, etc.;
    • Create a positive relationship between the child and the library.
  • As a subscriber to the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement, the library makes no attempt to supervise or restrict a child’s materials selection. Individual parents who wish to guide their child’s materials selection are encouraged to do so. The library makes available books and pamphlets discussing children’s literature and the role parents can take in developing reading skills.
  • The Library is not responsible for unattended children. In order to further our service goals to all library patrons and to insure the safety of all, children under age 12 must be supervised by an adult or other parental representative. Children of all ages must adhere to the same standards of courteous behavior required of all patrons (see Section II B). The Buda Police Department will be called in suspected cases of neglected, abused or abandoned children.

X. Audio-Visual Materials Use Policy

  • The library collection will include recorded materials, both audio and video. Selections will be made according to the guidelines in the Materials Policy; see Section IV. The Video Borrowers Guidelines are posted in the audio-video display area. All video materials used in public performance must have the appropriate documentation; this includes those using the meeting room.
  • The borrower, whether a library or a patron, is responsible whenever a producer or distributor brings about legal action for copyright infringement.
  • The borrower, whether a library or patron, takes responsibility for the care of any video materials borrowed and for determining the appropriate audiences for the content.
  • Neither the library, nor the Central Texas Library System, nor any other loaning library is responsible for damage caused to a borrower’s equipment by playing the video recordings.
  • Neither the library, nor the Central Texas Library System, nor any other loaning library is responsible for any changes made in the content of the video recordings.