Long Range Plan

The purpose of the long range plan is to provide a blueprint for the growth and direction of the Buda Public Library. The plan is to be reviewed and updated every 5 years.

The Long Range Plan

The state of library services is changing rapidly. The previous long range plan was adopted in April of 2012. In recognition of our upcoming move and the incredible changes that will cause, library staff decided to start the development of an updated Long Range Planning.

The Buda Public Library is a beloved and thriving part of the Buda community, so much so that it has been voted the funds for a new 25,000 sq.ft. library building to be completed in the spring of 2018. The new library will encompass an entire wing of the City Hall/Library complex.

People involved with the Buda Library, from the library director and city management to the City Council and Library Commission are intelligent planners. They regularly develop a long range 5 year plan for the library and finished a Youth Program Strategic Plan in June of 2015.

However, in light of the astounding growth of the Buda area and imminent construction of the new library building, they contracted with the Go-To Librarian to work with them to produce this 2017-2021 Strategic Plan.

The Library Commission recommended the Strategic Plan be approved on August 30th, 2016.
The Buda City Council approved the Strategic Plan on September 6th, 2016.

Download the 2017 -  2021 Strategic Plan.

Community Profile
Library Trends
Goals and Objectives
Measures of Success

The Youth Programming Strategic Plan supplements the Long Range Plan with more specific goals, objectives, and analyses for programming for children from birth through high school aged.