Makers' Lab at Home

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Start planning your Makers’ Lab projects! Many items in our Makers’ Lab operate with free cloud based software. This means you could download the software and begin planning your project at home!

Check out what equipment and supplies we have to begin planning your project

We have a list of all the materials in the Makers’ Lab to make planning your project easy! 

Learn about 3D printing

Learn about 3D printing at the library and how to create 3D models. We recommend going to as a free resource that will teach you how to create 3D models!

Use Cricut Design Space to create your di-cut Cricut design!

Cricut Design Space is free to download and has tutorials online! 

Learn how to use Cricut Design Space with Circulation Lead, Amy!

Create Vectors to Laser Cut with Inkscape Tutorials

Inkscape is a free software where you can design vectors to laser cut. We have easy to follow instructions for creating your own laser cut keychain!