Propagate Rosemary

This activity was provided by the Hays County Master Gardener Program! 

Visit their website here.


Propagation is the process of creating a new plant by taking a piece of the parent plant. This is an easy way to create new plants with a plant you already have!


Some plants are really easy to propagate. Many herbs fall into this category! You can do this same process with basil, mint or sage! You can even start off with putting your plant into water before soil.

Steps to propagate rosemary:

  • Find a stem about 6-8 inches long and cut it.
  • At the bottom of the plant, take off about 2 inches of leaves
  • You can dip it in rooting hormone. Herbs root so easily that if you don’t have rooting hormone, you can skip this step.
  • Put the cutting inside a pot with potting soil and fill it up a little bit
  • Water it afterwards and make sure the soil stays moist. if can put a dome on it or a bag to help keep in moisture while it is rooting in.

There you have it! A whole new rosemary plant!