Quick Embroidery Project


  • Plain colored fabric
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery floss (3 fun colors for this project!)
  • Needle



Basic stitch that is helpful for outlining, lettering, and basic embroidery. It is one step forward, one step back.

Satin stitch

This stitch is helpful for filling in and is created by laying one stitch directly next to another to fill in a section of your embroidery.


Start by finding a piece of fabric, preferably in a neutral solid color. Secure it in an embroidery hoop.


Choose three (or more!) colors of embroidery floss. Thread the first into your needle. You can draw your pattern on the fabric using a pencil if you choose, or embroider it freehand.


The first stitch we will use is the backstitch. This stitch forms a basic line and works well for outlines and lettering. Make your first stitch by starting at the back of the fabric and pulling the floss through. 


Go back through the top of the fabric to complete the first stitch. Then, jump ahead an equidistance length of your first stitch and work your second stitch backward.


Repeat this forward-backward pattern to create the first arch of your rainbow.


For the second arch of the rainbow, we are going to employ the satin stitch. This stitch is good for filling in shapes and creates a smooth surface by layering one stitch immediately next to the previous stitch. The most difficult thing here is making sure that each of your stitches are the same length. Start by making a stitch the width you want your second arch of the rainbow to be. Then, add the second stitch just above the first.


Keep going until your arch is complete.

IMG_0393Ideally, it would come out smooth and even on the first try. I sometimes have to go back over areas to ensure that the stitches look even. This stitch takes a lot of practice to get it just right. (I could use more practice!)


For the final arch of our project today, we will use the backstitch again. Work it in the familiar forward-backward pattern until the third arch is complete.


And with that, you have a cute little rainbow to hang on your wall!