Summer Finale

Let's celebrate a terrific summer! We had so much fun connecting with our community through videos, zoom programs, and promoting reading for fun with reading logs! Remember that the fun isn't over yet! Reading logs can be turned in for prizes until September 5!

Join the library in celebrating with a virtual petting zoo (this event has now past) and watching our Facebook Video Marathon afterwards. Videos were provided by local artists, library teens, and our resident juggling instructor. We appreciate the time they took to create these videos!

Schedule of Video Marathon!

Hop over to our Facebook page to see the video marathon. Our account is public so you do not need a Facebook account to follow along!

Community Art with Gena Destri

Buda Public Library Gena Destri BAAC IMAC_Moment

Click here to watch the video!

Are you ready for an art challenge? Join local artist, Gena Destri, in creating a stained class painting. Celebrate our artistic community with Gena as well as 7 local artists from the Buda Area Artists Collective! Thank you to Gena as well as Amanda Rainey, Ronald Gross, Linda Chido, Jessica Mason, Cristina White-Jones, and Joy Bliss for participating in this video!

You can follow along with whatever art materials you have on hand! The panels featured will be hung at the Inspired Minds Art Center and Hill Country Theater located on 121 Main Street in Buda, TX.

Learn to Juggle with Aaron Friend!

Aaron Friend_Final_with audio_Moment

Click here to watch the video!

Join Aaron Friend in learning how to juggle the three ball cascade! While a lot of teachers like to start by juggling plastic bags, Aaron likes to jump right into juggling with balls! If you want to learn along with Aaron, grab 3 balls that are roughly the same size and weight. We recommend pausing in between juggling 1, 2, and 3 balls to practice.

Suggested times to pause for practice:

3:15: Pause to practice juggling one ball

4:00: Pause to practice juggling two balls

5:20: Pause to practice juggling three balls

Learn to Draw a Castle with Amber

How to Draw a Castle with Amber Bleu_Moment

Click here to watch the video!

Put on your artist hat and join Amber in creating a castle! To follow along, you'll need paper, a pencil, a sharpie, and colored pencils or crayons.

Want more tutorials from Amber? She has a youtube page dedicated to drawing tutorials!

Artistic Journaling with Ron Gross


Click here to watch the video!

This summer, we have had so much fun journaling! In this video, join local artist Ron Gross to learn how he got started journaling everyday and how this shifted into artistic journaling!

Want to journal along? Grab your journal and crayons!

Discover your Best Pet!

Final Best Pets - Buda Public Library_Moment

Click here to watch the video!

Osprie and Kelleah are coming to you from Buda, TX to help you find the perfect companion! They asked citizens from all over the city to create videos of their favorite pet. Whoever convinces us that their pet is the best will be rewarded!

Will it be a snail that can race? A plant that can never leave you? A mosquito? A dust bunny?

If you find yourself tempted to get a mosquito as a pet, Texas Department of State Health Service has a website about why you may want to reconsider and how to prevent mosquito-borne diseases. Click here to learn more why you shouldn't give mosquitoes a biting chance.