World Cultures


Action Rhyme- These Two Rabbits

These two rabbits (Hold up thumbs)

Have ears so tall (Hands above head)

These two rabbits (Hold up pointer fingers)

Have eyes so small (Point to eyes)

These two rabbits (Hold up third fingers)

Have whiskers that wiggle (Stroke whiskers near mouth)

These two rabbits (Hold up ring fingers)

Have noses that wriggle (Point to nose)

These two rabbits, the smallest of all (Hold up pinky fingers)

Curl up tightly in a round furry ball (Fold hand together)


Conejito: A Folktale from Panama by Margaret Read MacDonald (August House Little Folk)

Rhyme- Mix Mix Rice by Jen Hansen

Set the rice to boil,

Steaming in the pot

Cook ‘til white and sticky

Good and hot


Garlic and green onions,

Skinny strips of meat

Spinach, sprouts and carrot

Stir-fried with the heat


Mix it all together,

Egg on top

Now it’s time to eat

Be- Bim-Bop


Bee-bim Bop! by Linda Sue Park (Clarion Books)

Action Song- Cuddly Koalas

(Tune: Are You Sleeping?)


Cuddly Koalas,

Cuddly Koalas.

Possums, too,

Possums, too.

Wallabies and Wombats,

Wallabies and Wombats.




Why I Love Australia by Bronwyn Bancroft (Little Hare)